Top reasons to keep your dates short

There is a need for speedy dates for various reasons. Perhaps, it is not to waste time on that wrong someone. Short dates give you a grasp about what types of people are out there and provide you with time to think. 

Less Pressure

By keeping your dates short, you get to practice dating skills in a low-pressure environment. Don’t worry about your Detroit escorts and how much they are into you. Relax and enjoy without worrying about the outcome of the date.

Eliminate Expectations

Those who are new at dating can learn how to be more confident and ask someone out on a second date. Eliminate having any expectations that might be hoped for by a long first date. If it is going well enough, just cut it short with the knowledge that there will definitely be another one happening soon, after you reflect. 


Short dates are easier to fit into your schedule, especially if your life is a balancing act. If the date doesn’t require any special plans, you may be able to schedule it without having to drop what you should prioritize. As engaging and entertaining as a date might be, most of us need to work and have other concerns. 

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Do Not Make Decisions 

While most people would agree that a date should only last for a while, there’s no reason to make it too short either. If the date has signals that it is over and the relationship can go no further, cut it short before feeling pressured into making any decisions.

Knowing what you want can be difficult, especially when you’re young. You may think that the person who makes your heart flutter is the one for you, only to realize later that they’re not. Or perhaps they are everything that was on your checklist, but maybe not in the way.

Play The Field

Short dates help with this because it allows people to go without having all of the pressure associated with actually having to decide to be involved. In addition, a quick date allows singles who might not otherwise meet each other because of geography or other factors such as work schedules, to get an opportunity to play the field. 

Short dates allow you to experience different personalities without getting too invested in one person. It helps build self-confidence by giving you exposure and experience talking with strangers in social settings. 

How To Cut It Short 

During the course of your time together, let there be like an emergency phone call from one of your friends. Your date won’t feel bad about cutting things short and leaving early. You can always reschedule for another date later on.

Provide The Awareness Of Time 

Give the heads up for a way out and to be polite. Before the meet, state that the date will be for a snack or a quick cup of coffee as you have to go somewhere after. Make sure the date will not be inconvenienced by the location and make it worth the time and effort the person made to see you. 

In Conclusion

Keep the initial dates short and sweet to not raise expectations. Give yourself time to think before repeating the experience