When a guy cuts the date short?

There are a few signs that your date is planning to cut the date short. If he starts checking his phone or flirting with the waitress, it’s an immediate red flag.

He’s either lying about his reasons or he knows that things aren’t going well. Either way, you’re better off leaving early!

1. He’s not into you

If a guy cuts your date short, it is most likely because he isn’t into you. Maybe he received a text message and decided to excuse himself, or maybe he was just watching the football game at the bar with more interest than your conversation. He may have even seen the booty of a waitress and decided to hit it up instead.

If you notice him staring wistfully out the window or fidgeting around the table, it’s also a red flag that he is not interested in continuing the date. Maybe he didn’t open up to you about his past or share any information that could indicate he wants a relationship.

Another way he shows that he’s not into you is by flirting with other women online after your date. He’s probably just a player and is looking for casual hookups. He will most definitely continue this behavior if he’s not interested in a serious relationship.

2. He’s intoxicated

One of the most common reasons that a guy cuts his date short is because he is intoxicated. This is because guys are not able to control their actions or emotions when they are drunk. They are also unable to communicate effectively when they are drunk. Therefore, they tend to text girls and talk about things that are not appropriate for a date. For example, they may be talking about sex or body parts in their messages.

If you notice that your guy behaves differently when he is drunk, it means that he is not a suitable partner for a serious relationship. He probably has some sort of emotional turmoil and he needs to resolve it before he can build a stable relationship with someone else. Therefore, you need to state your boundaries and make sure that he understands them. In addition, you should also make sure that he does not drink too much during your dates.

3. He’s a gutter mouth

Guys who are gutter mouths have no problem talking dirty in front of women. They’ll spout off foul language, insult their political party or complain about their ex-girlfriend. If you’re in the presence of a gutter mouth, do not be afraid to spill something on yourself and react rudely — this is one of the best ways to cut your date short and end the night angrily. It will quickly demonstrate to him that you’re not his type.

4. He’s busy

We all lead busy lives and it’s perfectly fine to cancel an event if you really do have something else on the calendar. However, when he makes excuses like this constantly it’s a sign that he just isn’t into you.

A guy who truly loves you will make a point to spend time with you whenever his schedule allows. He might only see you once or twice a week during the busiest times of his life, but when he can, he’ll make it work.

If he tells you that he can’t meet up for dinner this weekend because he has a big deadline at work, but casually mentions that he got “suuuuper drunk” last weekend and spent the day hungover, that’s not a coincidence. He’s not too busy to date you, he’s just not interested in continuing the conversation.